• Image of Adeo Tensionato

Tensio testifies the effort Adeo has been placing in order to develop a new strong marketing strategy. The new deal of Adeo's marketing strategy forecasts a progressive enlarging of the current product range toward new models of screens. In this way Adeo intends to offer premium-products suited to meet the needs of specific parts of the market with a particular attention to the Home Theatre sector.

The Home Theatre sector characterizes itself for the great attention end users and experts pay to the quality of products. Talking about quality for screens, the most common problem every manufacturer must keep in serious consideration regards the flatness of projection surface. The most common problem which affects projection screens are "waves-wrinkles and or ears".

Tensio solves this problems with a smart and original system developed and patented by Adeo R&D Dept. which also differs from those already on the market: two segments, jointed at both sides of the low-bar, to which tensioning side strings are fixed. The result is an innovative stretching system which spreads the curtain perfectly, even in presence of extra top drop black edge of big size (up to cm 100).

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