• Image of Pioneer CLD-2950
  • Image of Pioneer CLD-2950
  • Image of Pioneer CLD-2950
  • Image of Pioneer CLD-2950
  • Image of Pioneer CLD-2950

The CLD-2950 is the top of Pioneer's PAL market LD range, and while expensive at just under UK#700 has won a wide range of plaudits including What Video magasine's Best Buy. A fully featured dual side play PAL/NTSC dual standard LaserDisc/Compact Disc combi player. It is one of the few players still able to reproduce the original Analogue sound LaserVision discs (made as recently as 1989), and the only PAL market player factory fitted with an S-Video output. Originally released in June 1994, it was rather surprisingly retained in the range in 1995, when the cheaper dual side play CLD-D515 machine was launched.


Pioneer highlights the following features:

  • High Speed Gamma-Turn mechanism for continous playback of both sides of an LD.
  • Horizontal Resolution (PAL/NTSC): 440/425 lines
  • Compatible with TV in 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 1-bit Direct Linear Conversion for CD and LD digital audio
  • Analogue sound replay from both PAL and NTSC LaserVision discs
  • Hi-Quality circuit (3-line digital Y/C seperator, Noise reduction)
  • Independant CD tray with Direct CD mode
  • Film Mode - (suppreses captions and display in order to disturb movie viewing less, particularly at the side change).
  • S-Video, phono and two SCART connections

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