This THX-certified amplifier delivers 110 watts through each of its five channels (20Hz to 20Khz @ 0.03% THD into 8 ohms), thanks to a generous 1.2KVA toroidal transformer and 20 output devices, each of which is rated for 130 watts and 15 amperes of current capability. The RB-985's high headroom and state of the art signal-to-noise measurements ensure unsullied reproduction of the most dynamic and well as the most delicate sonic nuances. Complete with gold plated RCA en DB-25 input connectors, the RB-985 is ideally suited for either home theater applications or bi-amped systems optimized for music reproduction.


  • Power Configurations
    • 5 x 110 watts
  • Damping Factor (1 kHz 8Ohm) 180

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