The Primo Settanta REV2.0 is the first step to enter into the high fidelity field. Because of size, used materials and elegance is a unique product which can be easily placed in every enviroments.

In fact it provides circuital solutions with no compromises and features capable to satisfy advanced users' demands.

Primo Settanta is a 70 Watt channels amplifier with line inputs and phono stage, high-performance circuits with wide bandwidth and low feedback, separated circuit sections for each channel, linear analogic power supply with a toroidal transformer and five different stabilizing sections, highquality passive components, integrated-resistor network volume controls with no buffer for maximum sound transparency.

Primo Settanta REV2.0 solutions make the unit a valuable and durable investment.

Technical data

5 Line Inputs / 1 Phono Input (optional) + Tape Out


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