This cord is designer, Caelin Gabriel's, all-out, cost-no-object design. It is a recently introduced production model that is based on the "Anaconda" cord which was produced and sold in small numbers. The PowerSnakes King Cobra is a fat, jet black cord, about 1.5 inches in diameter. The body of the cord is quite flexible and has very flexible extensions at both ends that make connection to components and outlets easy. The bulk of the cord is enclosed in three successive layers of "Stardust," the proprietary anti-RFI material described above. The cord has high quality connectors, including a gold Watt-a-Gate AC plug.

Caelin is reluctant to disclose much of the technology involving pending patent applications, but states that the King Cobra contains 40 different parts, and considerable attention was directed to resonance damping and RFI/EMI control. Caelin raises the important issues of magnetic and electric field reactance and quantum field effects as being important in the quality of power delivery to components, and he de-emphasizes current delivery capability as being a prime problem. This regards not only the quality of power provided from the wall outlet (or the PLC, or whatever), but also degradative effects from the components themselves. In this regard, it is known that digital components have the proclivity to dump garbage back into the AC power line. Caelin maintains that his passive "Stardust" treatment absorbs much of this high frequency garbage, both from the power line and from components, to create a more placid and normal AC supply. He analogizes this situation to that of a stream running down a mountainside and then through a lower valley-on steep slopes the flow is rapid, deep and narrow, while on the level valley the flow is slow, wide and placid. Caelin says that what he tried to achieve in his power cords was to place the component in a quiet portion of the stream. The King Cobra can be used for front end components as well as high-current power amplifiers.

The PowerSnakes King Cobra was the star of the listening sessions on the Krell CD player. I try not to get too enthusiastic about products because you can never tell when something better will come along-either in the form of a "Mark 453" version from the same designer, or from another guy with a great idea. That can make you look pretty stupid for having raved over the "Mark 384" version. However, within the context of my system, the King Cobra cord to the CD player was special. It did things I've never heard from a power cord, enough to make even the most grizzled "cords don't make a difference" illuminary grin a little bit. In some ways, the KC cord exhibits the character of the Black Mamba described above, with excellent presence and realism, but in reality, the King Cobra is a totally different animal. When compared to other cords, my listening notes continually referred to the lowered noise floor of the KC cord, greater spaciousness and depth of soundstage, and more presence and harmonic integrity. This cord tends to make the presentation from other cords powering the KPS 20-iL sound more congested and closed. Of the cords evaluated, the King Cobra alone had the ability to correctly place instruments in the soundstage and to integrate them with each other, creating a sense of reality and authenticity. It made the other cords seem somewhat "hifi-ish" by comparison.


  • Tech-flex shielded
  • FeSi 1000 compounds
  • Custom made brass connectors
  • Cryogenic treatments
  • 10 gauge silver plated copper

Great all around performer, smooth, quiet and natural sound. Excellent value on the used market. Best for digital output electronics and CD players.

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