• Image of Shunyata Mojave
  • Image of Shunyata Mojave

The Mojave power cord turns the spotlight on Shunyata Research's latest design innovation, PowerSnakes exclusive "copperhead" conductors. Manufactured from dual conductors of ultra purity CDA-101 copper and a single conductor of high purity silver, Mojave has been designed to deliver unprecedented power, dimension and dynamic impact to high current components and systems. Mojave's custom-made conductors are the perfect complement to PowerSnakes proprietary Venom IEC, copper foil shield and noise reducing extrusion material. Putting this specialized product together with PowerSnakes trademark build quality, elegant craftsmanship and five-year warranty delivers unprecedented value in the form of Shunyata Research's first high-current wunderkind, the Mojave.

The Mojave has undergone extensive bench, field and beta testing to ensure its signature performance will be realized in a wide cross-section of music and video systems. Whether in pro-audio, home-theater or high-performance music applications, Mojave has impressed manufacturers, reviewers and consumers alike. The incredible balance and infallible system synergy achieved by Mojave is a hallmark of all PowerSnake products, resulting from Shunyata Research's relentless pursuit of the purist ideal in power-line design.

Mojave breathes dynamic life, power and authority into today's most power hungry components
  • Powerful, pitch perfect bass
  • Lifelike tonal accuracy
  • Three-dimensional imaging
  • Unrestrained dynamics
  • Silent, organic background
  • Smooth transient response, clarity
  • Sublime, edge-less upper octave extension
Extreme attention to detail, specialized processes and custom-made parts deliver unprecedented value and performance
  • Copperhead" conductors designed and manufactured by Shunyata Research
    • 2 conductors of pure copper and 1 of fine stranded silver
    • Ultra purity - certified CDA-101 OFHC copper
    • Minimum power dissipation dielectrics
    • Unique termination alloy
    • No reactive capacitors or inductors ensures reliability and component compatibility
  • Custom extruded sleeve
    • Superior flexibility - easy cable routing
    • "Total coverage" copper foil shielding
    • Custom noise and vibration canceling materials added to extrusion process
    • Attractive black mesh outer sleeve
  • PowerSnakes VENOM A.C. and IEC connectors
    • Solid brass contacts
    • Unique silver and rhodium co-plating process
    • Rhodium: a rare metal - 4 times the cost of gold
  • Finest quality hand-craftsmanship and construction techniques
Proprietary VENOM connectors of silver and rhodium enhance the conductive and wear characteristics of all PowerSnake products

Shunyata Research is the sole power-line manufacturer that designs and builds the wire, alloys, dielectrics and patent pending materials used in its products. We are also the only company in the industry that treats the contacts of our power cords with an expensive, 3-step, co-plating process of silver and rhodium. The thickness of the silver plate is more than 20-50 times that of conventionally plated connectors. Rhodium is a rare metal of the Platinum family that costs four times as much as gold, but is worth the cost. This custom plating process provides superior contact integrity, lower junction impedance and long-term durability. Of course, this is just one of the many features that elevate the performance of PowerSnakes Mojave to new heights.

Mojave is quite simply the most highly specialized design of its kind on the market today, and stands alone as a reference of quality at its price

PowerSnakes Mojave stands out as an absolute reference of quality at its price-point. No other power cord, even at twice its price, has the Mojave's combination of custom-made conductors, expensive copper shielding, co-plating processes, specialized extruded sleeve, and outstanding flexibility and craftsmanship. Mojave has been designed and treated for optimal high-current delivery and has proven itself the perfect complement to literally any high-current amplifier or multi-function power handling device on the market.

Shunyata Research has become the industries recognized leader in power-line technology, and PowerSnakes products have rapidly become the reference of leading electronics and speaker manufacturer's, studios, reviewers and consumers. We invite you to discover the difference that attention to detail, purist design, and custom processes make with PowerSnakes high-current specialist, the Mojave.

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