• Image of Shunyata Taipan Vx
  • Image of Shunyata Taipan Vx

Powersnakes Taipan VX is the least expensive cable in Shunyata Research's evolving PowerSystem approach to power cabling that incorporates Shunyata Research's patented FeSi-1000 noise reduction compounds. The materials science based technology applied within the Taipan VX is protected by two patents: #6,242,689 and #6,545,213.

Ideally used with digital electronics - the Taipan VX provides dramatic reductions in perceived playback noise-levels. This quality allows both sound and visuals to appear with distinctly enhanced levels of resolution and background silence. The Taipan VX restores much of what digitally generated noise strips away from the realistic tone, texture and timbre that exists in live music and visuals.

Product specifications

Exclusive power conductors
  • 10 gauge certified CDA-101 copper conductors - 30 amp capacity
  • Twist-link braided conductor geometry
  • Reduced capacitive and inductive reactance
  • Minimum power dissipation dielectrics
  • Cryogenically treated on-site
Hermetically sealed flexible tubing
  • Massive one-inch diameter
  • Superior flexibility
  • Easy cable routing
FeSi-1000 Noise reduction compound
  • PowerSnakes exclusive - patent #6,545,213
  • Passive operation - no physical connection to conductors
  • No reactive capacitors or inductors
  • No ferrites or ferrous metals used
Shunyata VENOM connectors
  • Manufactured to Shunyata Research specifications
  • All ferrous and carbon metals eliminated
  • Medical grade - clear polycarbonate construction
  • Silver and Rhodium AC & IEC connectors
Unique Co-Plating process
  • Shunyata Research exclusive
  • Heavy gauge, solid brass base-metal
  • Proprietary silver and rhodium co-plating process
  • Lowered contact junction impedance
  • Long-term reliable performance

Application suggestions

All digital electronics, processors, transports, conversion dacs, digital recorders, Sadie systems, pro-tools, DAT. Studer master and tape recorders. The Taipan VX is the ideal mate to the Taipan Alpha on high-current devices.

Applications of note: PowerSnakes containing the Taipan VX's patented technologies are currently in use at the recording, film and music industries largest studios, including those owned by Philips and Sony Music, both in the US and Japan, as well as a host of review and audio-video trade applications.

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