• Image of Solidsteel 5.5
  • Image of Solidsteel 5.5
  • Image of Solidsteel 5.5
  • Image of Solidsteel 5.5

Four-leg table, steel frame with anti-resonant finish. Five MDF shelves in matte finish, each supported on duraluminium cones. For electronics and turntables.

Audio table 5 shelves
Dimensions in mm
(WxHxD) 570 x 1070 x 460 mm
Dimensions of/between shelves
(WxHxD) 500 x 216-161-161-191 x 430

Hi-fi and video enthusiasts worldwide require tables that can accommodate audio and A/V components that are comparatively tall, wide (accepting electronics with 19-inch front panels) and deep. In response to this need, Solidsteel in 1998 have introduced the Series Five line of tables. Every aspect of their designs was taken into consideration, even down to rethinking the cone shape. Large and sturdy without being overwhelming, these tables have universal application options. And as an added benefit, the bottom shelf of the Series Five tables can be removed and a Model B base placed inside the frame in its stead, thus providing an integrated solution for power amplifier isolation. This new range will undoubtedly become a reference for its exceptional combination of technical attributes and aesthetic balance.

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