• Image of Sony TC-K470
  • Image of Sony TC-K470
  • Image of Sony TC-K470


  • Dolby B, Dolby C
  • Recording system
    • 4-track 2-channel stereo
  • Fast-winding time
    • Approx. 90sec (with Sony C-60 cassette)
  • Bias
    • AC bias
  • Heads
    • Erasing head (ferrite head)
    • Playback/Recording head (SD head)
  • Motors
    • Capstan motor (DC servo motor)
    • Reel motor (DC motor)
    • ASIST (mechanical drive) motor (DC motor)
  • Signal-to-noise ration (NAB, at peak level)
    Cassette Dolby NR switch
    OFF B-type ON C-type ON
    Type IV (Sony METAL-S) 59dB 67dB 74dB
    Type II (Sony UX-S) 58dB 66dB 73dB
    Type I (Sony HF-S) 56dB 64dB 71dB
  • Total harmonic distortion
    • 1,0% (with Sony METAL-SLT cassettes)
  • Frequency response (DOLBY NR OFF)
    Type IV cassette
    (Sony METAL-S)
    30 - 18,0000Hz (±3dB, IEC)
    30 - 15,000Hz (0 VU (-4dB) recording)
    Type II cassette
    (Sony UX-S)
    30Hz - 17,000Hz (±3dB, IEC)
    Type I cassette
    (Sony HF-S)
    30Hz - 15,000Hz (±3dB, IEC)
  • Wow and flutter
    • ±0.09% W.Peak (IEC)
    • 0.06% WRMS (NAB)
    • ±0.16% W.Peak (DIN)
  • Inputs
    • Sensitivity: 77.5mV
    • Input impedance: 47kohms
  • Outputs
    • Related output level: 0.32V at a load impedance of 47kohms
    • Load impedance: Over 10kohms

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