Our best Digital/Video cable. Application examples: Composite video such as, DVD to TV/projector and digital surround sound from DVD to AV amp or all other digital applications where True 75 Ohm impedance is critical.

SUPRA Trico is an interconnect cable of very low capacitance, insulated with PE foam which produces only 58 pF/m and makes the cable's propagation velocity as high as 78% of the speed of light.

The centre conductors are made of silver plated OFC copper. The silver plating of the conductor and screen enhances the cohesive properties of the cable, at high frequencies.

Trico is double-shielded with a braided inner screen of silver plated oxygen-free copper and an outer of bare OFC-braid. The screens provide efficient noise protection.

The high technology design of Trico produces an extremely low attenuation: -0.6dB/100m at 1MHz and -7.1dB/100m at 100MHz. True 75 Ohm: The characteristic impedance is very stable: +/- 1.5 Ohms from 1MHz up to 100MHz.

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