A high-precision loudspeaker cable for connecting an amplifier with a loudspeaker. The cable bundles are terminated using high-flux, silver-loaded solder, into high-precision, gold-plated connectors of different types. The first-ever OFHC, high-precision, gold-plated BFA connector, assembled into a sonically neutral Pocan™ body or alternatively OFHC, gold-plated spades, gold-plated 4 mm 'banana' plugs with contact reinforcement or no connector at all.

This loudspeaker cable uses two AWG 12 oxygen-free, high-purity copper OFHC conductor bundles, wound around a Teflon™ FEP core to prevent electromagnetic core saturation. Because of its excellent dielectric properties, Teflon™ FEP is also used to insulate the OFHC bundles, resulting in a high bandwidth. Electrostatically-neutral cotton is added into the free space between the conductors before an impregnated paper tape is twisted around the assembly. Finally, a PVC tube and an additional protective mesh surround the whole assembly. This exhaustive construction ensures cable flexibility while maintaining consistent cable geometry, which is very important to guarantee the cable's excellent performance under bending and flexing.

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