The sky is full of radio signals which carry an enormous variety of sounds. A high-quality tuner will allow you to make the most of these signals, whether they be music, news, discussions, plays, or live broadcasts which may never be repeated.

The TAG McLaren Audio tuner T20 will bring into your home all of these programmes with minimal distortion or coloration, and complements the most sophisticated audio systems.

Tuner T20

The tuner T20 receives stations broadcasting in FM in hi-fi quality. It also features dedicated AM circuitry for optimum reception of MW and LW broadcasts, without compromising the excellence of TAG McLaren Audio's proprietary FM input circuitry.

Although limited in sound quality compared to FM, AM broadcasts (often from abroad) offer their own unique blend of programmes.

Digitally-synthesized tuning, automatic and manual station selection, 39 user-programmable pre-set stations (including all settings), calibrated signal strenght meter, mono, stereo and high-blend modes, and weak signal enhancement are just a few of the many features built in to this precision instrument.

Without a TAG McLaren Audio tuner T20, any high-specification audio system is simply incomplete.

  • High-performance stereo FM tuner, with high sensitivity and selectivity.
  • Digital PLL-synthesized tuning
  • Lineair charge integrating de-modulator
  • Double conversion IF with lineair phase FM IF filters
  • AM (MW and LW) facility
  • 39 preset stations store frequency, band and mode settings
  • Manual or scan tuning
  • Calibrated signal-strength and tuning indicators
  • Enhancements for weak signals, including IF bandwidth reduction filter, muting and mono settings.
  • Calibration output to set up a tape recorder
  • Gold-plated phone connectors
  • Low-impedance stereo output
  • Digitally-controlled muting
  • Proprietary Sorbothane sonic isolation feet

Full Specifications And Measured Performance

Tuning rangefm: 87.5 MHz - 108.0 MHz
mw: 526.5 to 1606.5 kHz
lw: 148.5 to 283.5 kHz
Tuning accuracy less than ± 0.001%
Sensitivityfm mono 1.6µV
fm stereo 18µV
mw 600µV/m
lw 800µV/m
Selectivityfm, if narrow: greater than 65 dB
fm, if wide: greater than 40 dB
mw: greater than 50 dB
lw: greater than 75 dB
Spurious responsefm: greather than 75 dB (image)
am: greather than 40 dB (image)
Total harmonic distortion fm mono, if wide: less than 0.05%
am 30% modulation: less than 0.3%
Signal Handlingfm: greather than 2.0 V
am: greater than 100 mV/m
Ultimate signal to noise ratio fm mono: greater than 82 dB
fm stereo: greater than 75 dB
am: greater than 54 dB
Frequency response fm: 3 Hz to 16 kHz (-3 dB), ± 1 dB (5 Hz to 15 kHz)
am, if wide: 30 Hz to 5 kHz (-3 dB), ± 1 dB (45 Hz to 4.5 kHz)
am, if narrow: 30 Hz to 2 kHz (-3 dB), ± 1 dB (45 Hz to 1.5 kHz)
Muting thresholdfm: 10 µV
am: 700 µV/m
Capture Ratio fm, if narrow: less than 2 dB
fm, if wide: less than 1 dB
RF intermodulation fm only: greather than 65 dB
Stereo Threshold fm only: 32 µV
Channel imbalancefm only: less than 0.5 dB
Channel separationfm only: 50 dB at 1 kHz
Pilot tone rejectionfm only: greater than 85 dB (19 kHz), 95 dB (38 kHz)
De-emphasisfm only: 50 µS or 75 µS according to country
Output1.55 V rms (75 kHz deviation) / 100 Ohm

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