• Image of Van Medevoort CT333
  • Image of Van Medevoort CT333
  • Image of Van Medevoort CT333

V.R.D.S. CD Transport

V.R.D.S. means "Vibration-free Rigid Disc-clamping System", an unique TEAC design which improves the stability of the transport such that the reading of the laser becomes optimal.

The CD-table is build from polyphenyleen oxide, a material that delivers better dynamical balance and stable qualities. The engine bridge, which supports the platter, has a hybrid construction, build from a steel base covered with a high quality thermo-plastical elastomers formed like amplifier ribbons. This new design brings a high resiliance against vibrations and resonance, thereby improving the performance. Where in a conventional CD transport the CD is only supported in the middle of the disc, the V.R.D.S mechanisme supports the whole disc by using a heavy platter. This designs compensates for the small imperfections that most CD's have and which can be amplified when played in a traditional transport.

With the use of the V.R.D.S. the information is read from the CD with a far greater precision. This guarantees a more acurate reading of the digital information on the CD and prevents high load on the steering of the lasersystem. The end result is much more even and accurate reading of the soundtrack, which translates in a better sound quality.

Power Supply

The stable power supply in the vM CT333 gives peace and dynamics in the right balance within the soundstage. The extreem isolation and symetrical build are a guarantee for distortion free and clean sound. Perfect filtering prevents masking of the soundstage. The well known 'curtain'-effect dissapears, music extends beyond the speakers. The sound is transparent, gets depth and is more involving. Placement of voices and instruments, both in depth and height, are more accurate. In short, much more music: the vM CT333 makes the recording sound real!

No fuzzy soundstage, varying from not complete to always seems to miss something. Never again that artificial digital sound!

Important or not?

When buying audio equipment there is only way to decide and to choose, which is: LISTENING! Not to the number of bits, but for example to the dynamics and musicality. Listening analytical, compare and decide.

And listening critically is what they can at Audioart, for more than 10 years now! In the last years they have gained a lot of know-how and experience with modifying and musically improving various CD players and transports. The conclusion is that there are fysical and electronical barriers, but also that there is typically a lot to improve. Even in the case of costly CD players there are still wrong (cost) decisions made on essential components, especially mechanical components, but also in the power supply and signal processing. Due to this experience the vM CT333 was made. Buying this CD transport will musically improve your hifi set.


A well build case is essential. Some components are extremely sensitive for outside influences, both mechanical and electrical/magnetic. That's why the basis chassis is a 2mm thick steel plate, covered with bitumen. On top of this the case construction is build for maximum stability. All possible resonances are prevented this way. A good isolated casing gives extra safety and improves the quality.


  • V.R.D.S. transport mechanism
  • Central placed
  • Symetrical design
  • Resonance-free case design
  • Multi functional FL display

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