• Image of Viva Basis 95 2.0

The Vifa Basis is the heaviest and biggest speaker from the DIY program. This top of the line model offers the best possible sound. It is a 4-way design using two 25cm carbonfiber woofers with a long throw surround, a 17cm low-mid with a mineral filled polypropyleen cone, an impregnated mid dome measuring 76 millimeters and a 26 millimeter silk dome tweeter.

A lot of attention in the speaker design has gone to the bass delivery which had to be deep but tight. Before this final design was reached an approximate of 20 previous designs were tested. The designer has not taken any technical compromise in the design. With a result which should satisfy every audiophile.

Well placed the speaker delivers a very impressive low end. The other ranges are as impressive. The end result is a very solid sound stage. The stereo reproduction is excellent. Despite the fact that your listening room will become much smaller because of the volume of these speakers, the benefit is that you get a concert hall in return.

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