The ER-1s is an ultra high-quality S-video cable for use with Laserdisc players, SVHS VCRs, satellite receivers, DVD players, and the coming HDTV set-top boxes. This cable really should be used for all S-video capable home theater systems. There's just nothing better! ER1s features LDPE and Teflon dielectrics, OFHC conductors and shielding, controlled characteristic impedance, DuPont Elvax outer jacketing, and XLO's own S-video connectors, the very best you can buy! A hint: NO cable manufacturer - not even XLO - recommends using S-video for runs of more than 5 meters (16.4 feet) This is NOT to say that it can't be done. XLO's customers tell us that they've successfully used ER-1s for runs of as much as 80 feet (!) What we ARE saying is that it can't be done with any degree of certainty. Among the problems that can arise from using long runs of ANY S-video cable is that "standing waves" can develop along the length of the cable. These are exactly like acoustical standing waves, and come about as a result of characteristic impedance mis-matches between the two pieces of equipment and the cable.2 If the length of cable you're using is at or near the standing wave peak-to-peak distance (which will vary with the length of the cable and the amount and frequency of reflected energy), you'll have problems, like bars or diamond patterns on the screen. Going either longer or shorter MIGHT solve this: As with acoustical standing waves, if you're between the wave peaks, everything appears normal and transmission could be completely unhindered.

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