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  • Image of Shanling M0
  • Image of Shanling M0
  • Image of Shanling M0

Fashionable & Minimalistic

With unibody construction, elegant curved design and selection or rich colors, M0 will easily fit along any style.

Let's Go Tiny

Shanling has been exploring ways how to make Hi-re music players smaller, lighter and overall more practical.

Begging to be touched

M0 utilizes touch screen from LG, offering bright colors and precise control.

Making M0 smaller and better

Inside M0, there is multi-layered Microvia HDI board, special high-density PCB board. Compared to the ordinary PCB board, it provides better electrical performance and helps with the signal interference in the circuit. It allowed us to make M0 smaller, while pushing its performance to higher level.

For no compromises in Wireless Era

Utilizing Sony's LDAC technology supporting 96kHz/24bit Hi-Res music files. Three times higher data transmission compared to standard Bluetooth.

Two-way connection over Bluetooth and USB

M0 is equipped with two-way Bluetooth 4.1, it can stream music to Bluetooth speakers and headphones, but also receive signal from your phone or other sources.

Designed with a bidrectional Type-C USB interface, M0 can be used both as external sound card with computer and as digital transport to different Digital to Analog converter.

Pure gesture control non-android system

Using brand new MTouch OS developed by Shanling, M0's system is fully focused on music playback, free of any redundant software affecting sound reproduction. MTouch OS is fast and easy to use, just few swipes of finger to control it all.

Unique Audio Solution

Built-in ESS ES9218P chip for high-quality music experience.

With Shanling M0, we set our goal to develop the most practical portable player, while making sure it will still offer true Hi-fi sound. And ESS Sabre ES9218P chip is the key point to make it all happen. This special Hi-fi solution was designed primarily for portable devices, it's small enough to fit into tiny size of M0 and so power efficient, we were able to push battery of M0 to whole different level. Its 32-bit Sabre Quad DAC can easily rival other dedicated Hi-fi DACs and integrated headphone amplifier offers clean and powerful output, with extremely silent background and very low output impedance.

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