• Image of AHP Fuse
  • Image of AHP Fuse
  • Image of AHP Fuse

Fueled by the big success of the AHP Klangmodule and based on the many positive feedbacks from happy customers, we have focussed ourself on the thema of securing audio equipment.

While doing tests we discovered that there was a weak link in the chain. With the gold plated fuses we now offer a big improvement is gained over traditonal glass fuses.

Benefits of the AHP Fuses in comparison to standard industry fuses

The AHP Fuse is specially designed for audio equipment. It is manufactured using the best possible materials:

  • The end caps are made of gold plated copper.
  • The fuse wire is made of pure copper, which leads to a cleaner sound
  • The casing is made of ceramic filled with fire extinguishing agent filling, which is an improvement over classical empty glass casing. The ceramic casing is also less sensitive toresonance problems
  • The filling makes for a constant temperature of the fuse wire making that the fuse wire delivers a constant electrical value making the sound more relaxed.

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