Fun is a dual mono Class-A head amp and preamp. Its symmetrical circuitry is powered by four sets of Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) developed by Burson. The revolutionary MCPS is far superior to traditional transformers delivering instant, clean, and maximum electric current to the Fun. Like an engine with unlimited torque and zero latency, Fun delivers a rock solid performance regardless of demand. It will put most 4W and even 6W amplifiers to shame.

The heart of Fun is our fully discrete Burson Conductor V2 amplification stage. The same circuitry we have been refining since 2008 and famed for its incredible micro details and musicality. All that, delivered with incredible power and control.

Have Fun your way!

At Burson, we don’t believe one size fits all. So, once again, the Fun facilitates and encourages opamp rolling. Audiophiles can live happily with our pre-installed opamps or customise its sound with countless 3rd party opamps.

With added mic-input. Fun is also the missing link that unleashes the full potential of both the PC sound card and the headphones. Fun completes the gaming experience with mesmerizing audio performance.

Quality Fun

As a proud member of the Burson family. Fun is top quality with high-end components selected and matched for performance. That includes ELNA Aluminum Electrolytic, Vishay Professional MELF resistors with a top-notch precision of 1% tolerance and ± 50 ppm/K and an ALPS volume pot for smooth and noiseless control.

With 5 years worldwide warranty*, Fun never ends!

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