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  • Image of Shunyata Diamondback
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When we first introduced Shunyata's outstanding Diamondback Platinum Power Cable, we considered it one of the finest power cords we'd ever heard. The Diamondback Platinum was also relatively inexpensive which quickly made it one of our best-selling cables.

The Shunyata Diamondback Platinum offers an impressively high level of performance, a substantial improvement to stock cords and most aftermarket cords, at a very reasonable price. The superior construction and materials of Diamondback Platinum gives you a taste of what the most expensive Shunyata Power Cords can do for your system.

Diamondback Platinum has been engineered to deliver exceptional performance and value with the widest possible variety of electronics. Diamondback Platinum possesses a natural, organic tonal character and presents sound and visuals with incredible depth, dimension and background silence. Diamondback will engage you with pace, rhythm and timing and a surprisingly high level of clarity and dynamic range. Our highest recommendation!

The Diamondback Platinum's stunning performance and build quality have already caught the attention of the Music Industry’s finest electronics manufacturers. Many manufacturers recommend Diamondback Platinum as a performance enhancing solution for use with their electronics.


  • NEW Gold plated contacts on both ends
  • Proprietary ultra-pure CDA-101 Copper conductors
  • Dual 100% shielding (Foil and copper braid)
  • Exclusive, Shunyata designed connectors
  • Low power-loss 'crystal' dielectric materials

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