I am proud to present the new Vibex model One, Two and Three range of power blocks and power filters. This new range is a major advance over the previous models and takes the levels of excellence already obtained to a new high.

The first thing that will attract attention to these new models is undoubtedly their aesthetics. The model One and Two are machined from solid pieces of a new synthetic solid surface called Krion. Krion is designed and manufactured in Spain and employs a patented combination of very fine bauxite powder (aluminium ore) and acrylic resins. The result is a very resistant material capable of being machined to close tolerances with exquisite finish.

Being a solid surface this material has many benefits and these include the fact that any surface scratches can be easily polished out and therefore the appearance and your investment are maintained long term.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Krion is its ability to control a dissipate energy In a way that, in my experience, no other material is capable of doing. After many years testing and comparing materials to get the best balance of qualities, Krion has shown me how limited nearly all other materials are in controlling and screening from outside interference, be it mechanical or airborne.

As with all materials Krion works more efficiently if combined with elastomers and internal labyrinths that avoid accumulation of energy at any particular point in the chassis. This combination of machining and elastomers is critical and of course it is possible to over or under-damp, with the result being a sound which is either lifeless or too lively. Also consideration must be taken into the fact that timbre must be respected and the use of different materials together must not modify this very important factor. For me, silence is the reference point from where to begin a design. The quieter a design, the more information we can retrieve from the noise floor. As I said previously there must not be over-damping. A very low noise floor might be obtained, but dynamic contrasts will be destroyed. The combination of materials used must be able to react extremely quickly to changes in the signal and it is fundamental that the energy dissipated is controlled in a manner that avoids part of this energy returning and mixing with the mains power you are trying to purify. The effects of uncontrolled energy are clearly audible as "smearing" and a lack of phase stability. Also micro-detail is lost and however good the system is, this will never be retrieved.

  • Oyaide Rhodium plated IEC input
  • Vibex modified Schuko sockets
  • One 6R uses Vibex rhodium plated sockets

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