• Image of MIT Oracle V2.1 Ultra Wide
  • Image of MIT Oracle V2.1 Ultra Wide
  • Image of MIT Oracle V2.1 Ultra Wide
  • Image of MIT Oracle V2.1 Ultra Wide
  • Image of MIT Oracle V2.1 Ultra Wide

Oracle Series Speaker and Component Interfaces

Ultimate Reference Class Audio Cables

Echoing the Oracle V1.1, in concept, performance and style the Oracle V2.1 not only provides unparalleled performance but it does so with style and appeal. The V2.1 is the logical extension of a new concept in speaker interfacing with new aesthetics, modular design and full upgradeability.

Legendary Performance

For more than 15 years MIT has been designing and building the highest performance interfaces in High-End audio. MIT interfaces utilize numerous technological advances developed and patented by Bruce Brisson (MIT’s founder) through years of tests and measurements. The Oracle Series is the result of this ongoing research and are the latest products to benefit from this long line of truly revolutionary performance innovations

Evolutionary Design Modularity and upgradeability in an aesthetically striking presentation

The V2.1 incorporates the same modular design and updated network topology as the original Oracle V1. This design consolidates all of the networks into one easy-to-handle network housing which sits neatly behind the speaker. The cable is then attached via a union connector on the input side of the billet aluminum enclosure. This enables the user to simply place the network housings and then attach the cable, providing a simple, clean and elegant presentation. Finally, the Oracle design was created with upgrade flexibility in mind—new technology and configuration changes are now simple and easy to perform, protecting your investment and allowing for years of future-proof performance and enjoyment.

Multiple Versions of Oracle V2.1

Because of differences between various brands and models of electronics, the Oracle V2.1 is available in Wide, Ultra-Wide and EX wide bandwidth versions. All versions of Oracle V2.1 are also available in single-ended or bi-wire versions. Ask your MIT Dealer to recommend the one that is right for you.

What you can expect from the Oracle V2.1

Better Bass

Powerful, accurate bass has long been a defining characteristic of high fidelity sound reproduction. However, few audiophiles recognize the importance of the interface in achieving realistic bass. The MIT networks deliver tight, full bass response, with proper weight, speed, and tonal accuracy. Even more importantly, the Oracles are the only interfaces available today with the ability to create images of bass instruments that are properly located in all three axes — width, height, and depth.The Oracle V2.1 delivers bass that is rich and powerful, without the mushy, muddy quality that is so often heard with ordinary cables.

Clearer Midrange

The midrange is the heart of superior sound quality. Here is where loss of clarity and detail, as well as added distortions, become most apparent. MIT’s networks preserve precise articulation across the full audible spectrum and create a noise-free, velvety background against which musical details emerge with astonishing clarity. As in the bass range, lifelike, accurately-sized images of instruments and voices are precisely located with respect to each other, all within a wide, tall, deep soundstage that extends beyond the speakers to fill the listening room.

Smoother Highs

High fidelity reproduction is often marred by the harsh, strident treble overemphasis generated by ordinary cables. MIT’s networks create accurate tonal balance across the spectrum, while eliminating the grainy quality that makes treble sound unpleasant. The networks work together to preserve detail, sparkle, and air within the wide boundaries of a large, deep, lifelike soundstage, creating palpable images of soloists. Thanks to MIT’s technologies, massed instruments and voices are correctly arrayed in size, dimension and location.

Presence, Detail & Clarity / Superior resolution is the hallmark of MIT Oracle Series interfacing, providing a lifelike image that recreates all of the subtle nuance and detail of the recorded event from triple pianissimo to triple fortissimo, without the image wandering, wavering, blooming or becoming unfocused, even under extreme power demands.

Dimension, Detail & Clarity

2C3D™ Sonic Hologram and the Oracle V2.1 ultra-wide bandwidth— When used with the finest audio components and with high-quality program sources, The Oracle V1.1 Prism or V2.1 will provide the listener an incredibly lifelike two-channel, three-dimensional soundstage. The 2C3D Hologram’s ability to preserve the weight, tonality, spaciousness, and dimensionality of the original performance is unrivaled in the audio world and is made possible only with the use of MIT 2C3D Reference level interfaces.

Beauty, Flexibility and Performance

  • Modular design allows for simple, clean and easy installations.
  • Full upgradeablity makes performance and configuration changes a snap.
  • Advanced network topology removes multiple boxes from the middle of the cable. The Oracle V2.1 rests directly behind the speaker for a clean presentation.
  • Total mechanical resonance control limits sympathetic vibrations.
  • Limits sympathetic vibrations by tiptoes or “mechanical diodes” built into the bottom of every Oracle enclosure.
  • Widest power bandwidth of any interface, delivering in-phase energy throughout the entire audible range of today’s amplifier and loud speaker systems.
  • Increased clarity and micro-dynamics, accurately preserving the natural texture and space of the recorded event.
  • Limited Lifetime warranty

Matching your System Wide Bandwidth, Ultra-Wide Bandwidth or EX?

Due to the differences in systems (primarily amps & speakers) MIT has designed interfaces to maximize the performance of each system type. The benefits vary depending on the system and configuration.

Wide bandwidth— As is true with most MIT interfaces, the first and most noticeable sonic benefit is their amazing resolving ability. Oracle wide bandwidth interfaces excel in image presence and detail with an unrivaled level of clarity and microdynamics.

Ultra-wide bandwidth— Providing all of the sonic benefits of the wide bandwidth, the ultra-wide interfaces take the imaging to a new level of soundstage dimensionality and realism. Listening room walls disappear revealing an image that truly represents the original recorded environment in all dimensions—width depth & height.

EX option— (available with all wide bandwidth Oracle interfaces) adds additional articulation in the upper frequencies for electronics & speakers that may require these characteristics. No matter what your system requirements are there is an Oracle that will make it perform at it’s best.

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