• Image of Black Diamond Racing Pits & Pucks
  • Image of Black Diamond Racing Pits & Pucks

The Black Diamond Racing isolation products are a series of structures designed to provide a flexible system for approaching the problems of vibration control. These structures are complementary in nature, working together in a manner that may be developed or expanded as your needs require, achieving higher levels of performance with every step. We have found that different types of components frequently require different characteristics of the same basic structure for optimal performance; hence the MK3 and MK4 versions of several of our pieces, and two different types of carbin fiber panels. In all cases , the MK3 is "warmer" in nature, while the MK4 version is more "detailed" in character. It is advisable to try both types of structures, particulary the Pyramid Cones, to see what works best in your system. Our extensive research and testing effort concluded that the combination of high rigidity and high damping rates provides the best isolation performance of the broadest range of applications. This approach results in a structure that is not only extremely resistant to resonance, but will dampen off the vibrations to which it is exposed.

Pyramid Cones

The Pyramid Cones are the basic building blocks of the BDR system. They are, in most cases, the initial interface in a vibration control system, and should be the first pieces utilized in developing your setup. The Pyramid Cones have proven an effective means of vibration control under all types of components: speakers, turntables, transports, CD players, preamps, DACs, amps, crossovers, video equipment, even medical and computer equipment. With a crush point of 10,000 pounds each, the Pyramid Cones can be used virtually anywhere. The best results will be obtained when the Cones are placed under or near the critical elements of the component: drive mechanisms, power supplies, transformers, tonearm mounts, motors, etc. The proper placement will significantly effect the performance of the Cones. The rule of thumb is the tip of the cone should be toward the resonant surface. For example, under a CD transport sitting on an MDF shelf, the tips of the Cones should be pointing down. A general guideline is to start with the MK3 Pyramid Cones under solid state and digital equipment, and the MK4 Cones under tubes. (Please note: this is only a suggested starting point, as we have a number of cases where people prefer the opposite Cones under the exact same component. Room acoustics, rack structure, personal taste and other considerations all come in to play.) In addition, the two different types of Cones may be mixed together for "in-between" results if desired. For reaching the next level of performance, we recommend the Pyramid Cones be combined with...

The Puck

The Puck is a new product from BDR. It is designed to serve a variety of functions in one product, providing unprecendented versatility to the audiophile. As can be assumed from the name, The Puck is a disc shaped piece approximately 2.75" in diameter, and of the same construction as The Shelf. The Puck has a 1/4-20 threaded hole going entirely through the piece, with the hole being countersunk on both sides. Accordingly, with this design, The Puck may be used in several ways: it may be screwed together with Pyramid Cones, with The Puck placed against the speaker or component chassis [such as a Round Things]. It may also be bolted directly to a speaker or component [as a Screw Thing]; both .75" and 1.5" studs are included, or it may be used as a Cone cup [The Pits], given the countersunk hole on either side. This provides the listener the opportunity to determine how to best use the product in your system, trying it in various ways. In addition, this flexibility of use may be advantageous in the future should your location or setup change.

It has become very apparent over the past few years that round pieces proved much better musicality than square pieces, everything else being the same. When used with the Pyramid Codes, the combination provides about 75% of the performance of The Shelf, and can be used as a cost effective system either on their own or in conjunction with The Shelf, The Source or additional Pucks. We view The Puck to be a versatile building block, able to adapt to your needs as your system evolves. We highly recommend your consideration of this product.

The Pits

The Pits are similar to The Puck but with a dimple on one side and threaded on the other. When intended to be used as a Cone cup, this configuration provides superior performance with the versatility of being used as a Puck if desired.

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