• Image of BetterCables Silver Serpent

For the ultimate in S-Video performance, we are proud to offer our Silver Serpent® S-Video cable.

This cable offers an outstanding low-loss connection for DVD players, satellite tv receivers, televisions and any device using the standard 4-pin S-Video (S-VHS) connection. This cable delivers excellent color, contrast, picture detail and black levels on both short and long runs.

The Silver Serpent® S-Video cable features twin 99.999% pure Silver coated copper conductors (7X38), hard-cell high-density foam PE dielectric, and dual-shielding for outstanding RF and EMI interference protection. The nominal impedance is 75-ohms and its low-capacitance is 17.3 pF per ft.

S-video distance is limited by the design of the system. So, to get the maximum out of a "minimal" system you need the highest quality cable, such as this Bettercables'® design. S-video requires two 75 ohm coaxes. Many S-video (S-VHS [TM], Y-C) cables are not 75 ohms. This impedance 'mismatch' contributes to loss on the cable. This is often referred to as return loss where the signal is reflected or returned to the source instead of the destination. Bettercables'® design guarantees a cable of 75 ohm +/- 5 ohms. In addition, timing between the two internal coaxes (variations of electrical cable length), are better than 5 nanoseconds per 100 ft. This means vanishingly low timing variations for short cables. Compare this to any other S-video design. Do they list timing variations? Do they list the impedance and impedance tolerance of their designs?

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