The Dynaudio Stand3 perfectly complements small and medium-sized modern compact loudspeaker designs.

The slightly tilted elliptical profile post offers the Stand3 a modern, dynamic shape. The high-quality lacquer finish in High-gloss White or Black ideally elegantly complements any interior. Either hue matches perfectly with the Dynaudio Focus 110 and 110 A and Excite X12 loudspeakers, especially when these models are finished in the respective lacquer variants.

The Stand3 may of course also be utilized with a wide range of compact loudspeaker offerings. The speaker is positioned on the Stand3 top plate either directly or atop spikes.

The base plate itself is also fitted with spikes, which are adjustable in order to achieve a perfect foundation for the loudspeaker even on unlevel floors. Each spike can be adjusted easily from the top side via an integrated bolt. By fastening the corresponding nuts, the position can be fixed.

The Stand3 cable management system neatly conceals the speaker cable, as it is routed through the base plate up through a separate channel of the post. The slim yet durable steel and aluminium construction is extremely torsion-resistant and stable; for addtional damping and mass the post can be filled with sand or similar material.

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