The Pro AC-11 is constructed with the finest high purity copper. Two shields UL/CL-3 are used for superior RFI rejection and fire protection. They are available with a variety of IEC female and male plugs. Kalman Rubinson has recommended this power cord in Stereophile's November 2000 issue.

Using the finest 6N (99.9997%) high purity copper in the world, combined with Single Crystal TM (OCC) design, the Pro AC-11 will make an astonishing difference in your system. Using the technology of our Pro-11 Plus speaker cable, two additional shields are added for rejection of RFI, digital, and other electromagnetic pollution. Since the purity of the musical or video signal can be greatly affected by the component's power supply, it makes perfect engineering sense to provide your power supply with electricity which has been "conditioned" by the Single Crystal purity of the Pro AC-11. This power cord eliminates and rejects RFI due to shielded construction, using both a foil shield and a separate braided shield to "drain" away any unwanted electrical interference. Since the electricity fed to the component is now free of electrical disturbance, including collision with crystalline barriers and impurities, the power supply of the component can now allow the musical or video signal to be processed without additional distortion being added.

Available with the quality Furutech FI-15E(G) IEC and Furutech FI-15ME(G) male plug. This power cord has been selected by manufacturers and famous magazine reviewers and can be recommended for the finest systems.

If you are looking for more transparency combined with less coloration and distortion from your electronic components, this is an upgrade that will blow you away! Although relatively inexpensive, the Pro-AC11 will allow your components to sound like much more expensive ones, and if you already own the best electronics money can buy, you definitely need these power cords! Every frequency, along with transparency and clarity, is enhanced by this power cord; the inter-note silence is simply dramatic. Since the lack of spurious noise results in a velvety black background, eliminating the "white noise hiss" in the background, distortion is greatly reduced and louder volume levels are possible without fatigue. In addition, low volume levels now have greater clarity and richness, superior to anything you have heard before. If you wish to dramatically upgrade the sound of your system, install Pro AC-11 power cords in each of your electronic components today!

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