• Image of IsoTek Multiway
  • Image of IsoTek Multiway
  • Image of IsoTek Multiway
  • Image of IsoTek Multiway

It is easy to create complex over engineered electronics that at every stage introduce a new set of problems, requiring further elements, which in turn create their own conflicts. The skill is to find the balance between technology, performance and price, where the sum is greater than the combination of parts. This is always our continuing challenge.

We continue to work hard to combine these concepts into workable solutions that deliver high degrees of performance, yet not be priced beyond the reach of all but a few. Where both technology and style unite to form a series of solutions that redefine what is expected within a genre.

The new range of IsoTek Multi-Ways achieve these goals.


The Multi-Ways offer astonishing performance, build quality and flexibility. They are a perfect solution for those requiring a cost effective way to remove mains noise and distribute power efficiently. Although affordable our core values have not been compromised, each unit features surge protection and our proprietary 'Polaris-X' technology, reducing products talking to each other via the mains supply. The units are simple to install, an LED indicator illuminates when the Multi-Way is powered, and a dedicated earth post allows for the grounding of other sensitive electronics within the system. For those who seek increased performance or would later wish to upgrade, the Multi-Way shell can feature our more sophisticated Gemini or Orion circuits.


The Multi-Ways are particularly useful for home theatre installations where there are never enough power outputs. Its discrete size allows for easy placement behind or to the side of audio racks. If this proves to be a problem we also produce a dedicated wall mounting bracket which allows the Multi-Way to be positioned either vertically or horizontally.

Equipment coupling

With the Multi-Way positioned so that the 'IsoTek' logo is readable you should notice an IEC inlet and earth post to the left, this is where the unit is powered. Above these in an LED indicator light, which will illuminate when the unit is connected to the mains supply. The top of the unit features a number of high quality unswitched outlets which power your equipment. These accept any brand of mains cable, although we do recommend a high quality shielded cable.

System integration

We strongly recommend that a good quality mains cable is used and this cable is consistent throughout your system. Look for a cable with good conductors, for example oxygen free copper, this cable should also have a high degree of shielding from RFI.

Key Features

These features relate to the standard Multi-Way units and not a Multi-Way fitted with our Gemini or Orion circuits.

  • Features a full stared system helping to reduce mains noise to components.
  • Can be upgraded to our more sophisticated Gemini or Orion circuits.
  • Wired throughout with high quality 18AWG PTFE cable
  • Suitable for a complete system
  • Plug in & play installation
  • Power surge protection
  • External fusing
  • Dedicated earthpost
  • 4 - 8 high quality unswitched outlets
  • Optional wall bracket available

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