• Image of Monster Interlink LightSpeed 100
  • Image of Monster Interlink LightSpeed 100
  • Monster's precise fiber optic connection delivers higher sonic performance than standard cables.
  • Tuned spectral attenuation for optimum signal admittance and low loss.
  • High velocity of propagation for lower time smear.
  • Available in standard fiber optic and mini fiber optic configurations.

Ordinary Toslink Cables with Ordinary Construction Deliver Ordinary Sound

While the variety of digital sources on the market continues to grow, the availability of high quality fiber optic cables has lagged far behind. Cables with Toslink connections abound; finding one that lives up to the level of performance required by a digital source however, is no easy task. In fact, most Toslink cables feature second - rate construction and cheap materials. The result? Inferior data transfer a landline for the enthusiast in search of the better sound digital components are capable of delivering. Interlink LightSpeed 100 Fiber Optic Cable: Precision Polishing and Rugged Design Make the Difference LightSpeed 100 offers high performance and value in a durable design.

A high density molded PVC connector boot with heavy - duty strain relief provides superior protection of the delicate fiber

The fiber itself is encased in a protective, flexible Duraflex jacket that makes routing through entertainment furniture and shelving easy. A precision - polished termination and specially tuned fiber deliver incredibly accurate transfer of digital audio source signals. The resulting reduction in jitter-causing dispersion in the digital datastream means smoother, more natural sound. And because ILS100 is a purely optical means of transferring bit streams, you wont run the risk of annoying ground problems like hum and buzz.

Monster's Precision Polished Toslink Connection Maximizes Transmission

Traditionally, connections have proven to be the weak link in fiber optic design. Monster has overcome this obstacle by precision - polishing our connections for a perfect termination of the fiber. The result is high signal transmission, low internal reflection and minimization of jitter and time distortion for cleaner, more natural sound. Get the Best Possible Digital Audio Performance

Whether decoding a Dolby Digital or DTS soundtrack, enjoying the pleasure of a high performance DAC, or recording your favorite music, Interlink LightSpeed 100 delivers clean, natural sound.

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