• Image of Monster M1000 D
  • Low capacitance with fast rise time construction for sharp square waves to reduce jitter effects.
  • Proprietary Nitrogen impregnated dielectric for low attenuation to prevent bit errors, even over long runs.
  • Double shield to prevent digital emissions.
  • Patented 24k gold Turbine® RCA connectors with Split-Tip™ center pin for a superior connection.
  • UL CL3-Rated for in-wall use.

Silver Digital Reduces Jitter For Smoother, More Natural Digital Audio.

Jitter, which can cause audible smearing, is one of the biggest problems with conventional digital audio cables. It is caused when the square waves that transfer digital signals are either rolled off or have sloped edges, creating minute time changes that can color the sound your hear. Even though 100% of the information may be transmitted, ordinary coaxial cables lose intertransient detail, soundstage and clarity. M1000 D, the digital coaxial cable for audiophiles, delivers the most accurate transmission of digital square waves for elimination of jitter and the smoothest, most natural sounding digital audio reproduction.

Silver Center Conductor Delivers Ultra-Wide Bandwidth For the Best Digital Signal Transfer.

Unlike ordinary and other so-called high performance coax cables with limited bandwidth, M1000 D Silver Digital has an ultra-wide bandwidth for rapid rise times of leading edges, which substantially reduces jitter and delivers incredibly smooth, detailed music reproduction. M1000 D features a low capacitance, accurate impedance matching design to ensure precise 75-ohm impedance. Additionally, it uses Monster's unique nitrogen gas-injected dielectric for super low attenuation and reduced bit error - even over long runs. For the most reliable prevention of digital emissions, the dielectric is bonded to a special aluminum foil and 95% high density copper braid for a full coverage metal-to-metal double shield that maintains its integrity, even after bonding.

A Superior Connection: 24k Turbine® RCA.

M1000 D features Monster's patented Turbine 24k gold contact RCA connector with a heavy mass ground shell for optimum signal transfer and a tight fit. (Precision-machined 24k gold contact BNC connectors are also available.)

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