• Image of Monster M1000 DV
  • Ultra-high density, quad-layer shielding for best possible rejection of RFI and EMI.
  • Nitrogen gas injected dielectric with quad-shielding for maximum conductivity and bandwidth.
  • For all HDMI® connections between high-end DVD players, set-top boxes, AV receivers and HDTVs.
  • Flame-retardant outer mesh helps resist abrasion and protect cable's conductor.
  • Silver-plated pure copper conductors for maximum conductivity and bandwidth.

Introducing M1000DAV: the Most Advanced HDMI Interface Available

HDMI is a home theater aficionado's dream, heralding a new era of AV simplicity, user-friendliness and extraordinary high resolution sound and picture. It delivers razor-sharp, high-definition digital video, crystal-clear multi-channel audio and a fully integrated CE control channel all in one cable. Now there's an interconnect available at the same advanced level of innovation and performance. And it's designed to deliver the best home theater experience your HDMI components are capable of: M-Series M1000DAV.

High Technology to Meet the Demands High-Definition Audio/Video

The bandwidth required to deliver HDMI's digital, ultra-high resolution audio and video places incredible performance demands on your digital AV connections like no other. The speed and enormous amount of data being pushed through the transmission link increases the potential for video systems to degrade and distort. This is why an advanced cable is needed to achieve the optimum sound and picture your high-end gear is designed to deliver. M1000DAV delivers HDMI's high rate and amount of data with optimized speed and signal integrity.

Superior Design and Construction Gives You Superior Sound and Picture

M1000DAV's silver-coated conductors facilitate maximum data transfer. 24k gold contacts resist corrosion and provide optimum signal transfer. And a Nitrogen-injected dielectric corrects impedance variances to help deliver the digital signal in its purest form. This, along with two ultra-high density layers of 100% aluminized mylar and copper braid shielding rejects interference to take your home theater experience to an incomparable level of detail, impact and excitement. For the best performance your high-end, high definition components have to offer, get Monster M1000DAV.

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