• Image of Monster M800i
  • MicroFiber® wound bass conductor isolates high and low for improved dynamics.
  • PEX™ dielectric reduces capacitive effect of insulation for better transmission of high frequency information.
  • Balanced construction has identical positive and negative conductors plus a ground for wider dynamics.
  • UL CL3-Rated for in-wall use.

An Advanced Cable for Critical Listeners

Audiophiles know cables can profoundly impact overall audio system performance. But some so-called "audiophile" cables boasting superior manufacturing don't measure up when tested with the most sophisticated computer - the human brain. M800i combines sophisticated engineering with many hours of intense listening. It's a cable designed by audiophiles for audiophiles who want to fully recapture the live experience.

Bandwidth Balanced® for Pure, Natural Sound

M800i includes two precision-wound Bandwidth Balanced networks - a single large conductor for the bass frequencies and a group of smaller separately wound wires for the higher frequencies. These multiple-gauge wire networks are then precisely wound to optimize varying magnetic fields as they travel through the cable, so you hear every instrument the way it was intended to sound.

Details and More Details: MultiTwist®, MicroFiber® and PEX™ Dielectric

MultiTwist is advanced cable construction that brings out musical nuances by minimizing intertransient noise and improving dynamic range. M850i combines it with our special MicroFiber dielectric insulation, for maximum rejection of interference, and innovative PEX dielectric, for improved signal transfer. The result: A cable as advanced sonically as it is technologically.

A Superior Connection: 8-cut Turbine® RCA

Our patented Turbine connector offers a unique heavy-duty ground contact shell for superior signal transfer through a heavy-mass connection with a tighter fir that won't loosen over time. The 24k gold contacts assure high conductivity and a corrosion-resistant connection to components.

The Culmination of Years of Refinement

M800i offers impressive performance down to the last detail - soundstage, imaging, range and resolution - so music is more natural and coherent throughout the entire audio spectrum.

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