• Image of Monster Video 2 Scart
  • Contoured strain relief provides maximum protection and durability.
  • True 75-Ohm impedance conductors for the sharpest picture possible and minimum attenuation.
  • Separate shielding between audio and video conductors for improved overall performance.
  • 100% foil shield coverage of all audio and video conductors for superior rejection of RFI and EMI.
  • Separate internal shielding around connector provides additional noise rejection.
  • Ultra-flexible Duraflex® jacket for easy routing and installation.
  • 24k gold-plated contacts for optimum signal transfer and corrosion resistance

Now More Than Ever, Video Technology Demands More From the SCART Cables that Carry the Signal

With the advent of DVD®, Satellite and Digital TV, clear, sharp pictures with vivid, natural looking colors are the norm, not the exception. However, poorly designed SCART cables won't fully transmit the incredible picture quality possible. Ordinary cables often use inferior shielding and flimsy construction that result in signal degradation and poor conductivity. Poor reproduction can result in a fuzzy picture plagued by video noise, snow, and double image "ghosting." Improper shielding lets in electromagnetic (EM) and radio frequency (RF) interference that can ruin your picture.

Monster® SCART: Better Video Through Better Technology

With Monster Video® 2 SCART (MV2 SCART), video is reproduced with the sharpest, most detailed image and the brightest, most vivid and natural color rendition possible. MV2 SCART features true 75-ohm impedance coaxial video conductors for low attenuation and improved signal transfer. Heavy - duty double shielding guards against outside EMI and RFI. And a low - loss insulator allows signals to transfer more efficiently so your satellite receiver, DVD player and high resolution camcorder can bring you the superb pictures they were engineered to deliver.

Advanced Connectors for Superior Signal Transfer

MV2 SCART features precision-molded 24k gold contact connectors for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Don't Sacrifice Performance

Today's video components are designed to deliver heightened levels of performance. Monster technologies enable them to perform at their best so you can enjoy the clearest, most lifelike images with the most accurate colors possible.

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