• Image of Monster Video 2 S-Video
  • Special low capacitance design for sharpest, most vivid picture possible, even over long runs.
  • Flexible, heavy-duty Duraflex® jacket makes cable durable and easy to use.
  • Precision-machined 24k gold contact connectors provide superior signal transfer, conductivity and corrosion-resistance.

High Resolution Components Demand High Technology Cables

Composite video sources such as standard VHS VCRs and camcorders are designed to squeeze entire video signals onto a single cable. With the arrival of DVD®, DSS®, and Digital TV, video sources are finally capable of delivering next-level ultra-high picture quality. Through the use of separate conductors for color and detail information, S-video components can deliver pictures with incredible resolution, when S-video connections are used. Composite video connections deliver images full of "dot crawl" and color inaccuracies that use of S-video connections prevents.

Unfortunately, poorly designed "free in the box" S-video cables often use poor construction materials, Wispy wire and inferior shielding which can result in signal degradation that can ruin your picture. Performance suffers even more when mediocre S-video cables are run longer than just a few feet.

Monster® Meets the Challenge: MVSV2 Delivers Outstanding Video Performance

Through superior engineering, Monster Super Video 2 (MVSV2) delivers all the detail, color and brightness your S-video components can deliver. MVSV2 features a low capacitance design to ensure optimum performance with no discernible signal degradation, even over long runs.

MVSV2's specially wound high purity copper conductors aid signal transfer while its protective Duraflex® jacket is so flexible, pulling through cabinets is fast and easy.

Advanced Signals Need an Advanced Connector

24k gold contact connectors maximize sign al transfer and corrosion resistance. Each connector is attached to a short-body, metal shell for lifelong durability and easy installation in hard-to-reach places behind components. A heavy-duty strain relief keeps the cable-to-connector link intact, no matter how many times you rearrange your system. And all interior connector pins are bonded to their conductors using only premium grade high silver content solder.

Get All the High Resolution Performance Your System Can Deliver

Deciding to use an S-video cable instead of an ordinary composite cable is only the first step in maximizing the performance of your high resolution component. Using MVSV2 takes your system to the next level with the clearest, brightest picture and most accurate colors.

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