Optix is a new state of the art high performance Video Cable from Nordost which offers high resolution, superb color information and better picture clarity. Designed for use with DVD and other high resolution formats, OPTIX uses our proprietary Monofilament technology which reduces dielectric contact by 80%. The insulation used throughout is extruded Teflon. The result is a cable which is physically smaller than conventional video cable but with much lower capacitance, resistance, higher signal speed and resolution. OPTIX video cable is the best choice for uncompromising picture quality. This extruded Teflon cable will not degrade over time and is suitable for use in hostile environments which have extreme temperature fluctuations. OPTIX VIDEO CABLE carries a limited lifetime warranty.

Optix Component Video represents the state of the art in video cable design. This exciting high performance cable offers major advantages over conventional designs with improved colour information, better edge definition and a much more three-dimensional picture. Utilizing Nordost's proprietary Micro Monofilament technology Optix Component cable has very low capacitance, high signal speed and a very wide bandwidth. This makes it the ideal choice for use with progressive scan DVD players and the latest HDTV Plasma screens.

OPTIX Component Video consists of three Micro Monofilament dual shielded coax cables, which carry the "Y", "I" and "Q" signals. Y carries the black and white signal I and Q carry two color difference signals, by adding or subtracting these signals from Y Red, Green and Blue can be derived. In order to obtain maximum performance each cable has an exact impedance of 75 ohms and is terminated with dedicated Nordost 75Ohm gold plated phono plugs or BNC connectors. The signal loss for this cable is less than -0.9dB at 1 Megahertz and less than -1.1 dB at 5 Megahertz over 30 meters.

Due to its flexible design and extremely low signal loss, it is ideal for running component signals in multi-channel applications. Designed with two layers of shielding for the ultimate in interference rejection Optix Component is ideal for installation in tight spaces.

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