• Image of O.L.S. Lotus 1

This serie of speakers is the first sold line of speakers from O.L.S. However the models are still improved based on new technical insights.

The starting points for the design were initially:

  • A high dynamic range: making it easy to drive by small amplifiers;
  • high performance, being able to play at high volumes without problems;
  • a comfortable, clear and exact reproduction with enough bass;
  • end a good cabinet.

Because of these starting points the choice for using the famous french Focal drivers with their warm, yet clear sound was very obvious.

The combination of the by O.L.S. developed crossovers and cabinets specific for these drivers the results are impressive.

This is the reason, together with the ongoing evolution of the Lotus serie, makes that this line is a long time success of O.L.S.

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