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  • Image of Oyaide P-079e
  • Image of Oyaide P-079e
  • Image of Oyaide P-079e
  • Image of Oyaide P-079e
  • Image of Oyaide P-079e

These plugs are not merely high grade; every step is taken to realize the 'State of the Art' for Audio.

Every one of our products are totally 'made in Japan' even down to minute component, all because for us to maintain our high standard of quality and reliability, it is essential to have every production system under our direct and strict control. Our products are for special market where minute vibration from loose connection or due to imperfect choice of material could become a vital failure. We carefully design each and every component for easiness in assembling, simplicity and safety. We carefully select materials for superior sound quality, durability and reliability. For that requirement, cost factor is secondary. Instead we ignore excess decoration and unnecessary complexity. We are proud to present the true value for your money and for your enjoyment.

Pin (Contact Pin)

The contact pins are made out of deoxidized phosphorus bronze and machined out of a single piece, for the best possible conductivity.

The feedstock is made out of a bolt with 14 mm in diameter and weights 70 grams, the machining has to be done with a highly sophisticated CNC lathe, in order to archive the highest precision on this complex shape.

At first the inner contact area is machined on to one end, and than the contact pin is lathed out of the same piece of material.

This effort is taken to avoid any contact-resistance. This is one example that shows our attempts to get the highest sound quality without any compromise. When it comes to audible quality we do not accept compromising in material, work or parts. That is our OYAIDE philosophy


In order to improve the sound quality the plating is a very important issue. Therefore our contacts are free of any nickel plating. Instead of nickel plating, we hand polishing the metal parts two times. But only this costly process archives a mirror like surface, and a base for the final gold- or rhodium plating. The mirror like surface is another pre-condition for a clear and crisp sound.

Retentively is 30kg over.

Wire clamps move in individual chamber provide positive crimp lock without cutting wire strand.Pull strength of the blade receiving part and the cable is 30kg and more... This is a result of considering the safety side enough.

Plating Process

super thick (2.0micron) 24K GOLD plating directly on polished surface of receptacle and blade. Polishing process again (twice) on the 24K GOLD plated surface.Construction method is alike except direct 24k extra thick plating on polished receptacles and blades.Plating material and quality change sound dramatically. Where Rhodium sounds pure and strong, Gold sounds warm, soft and luxurious. Either, they both sound beyond standard. It's up to you to choose for your type of sound and music.

Body & Outer casing

High density PBT with 30% Glass filler mixed in for rigidity, stability against heat and high resonance absorption factor.Polycarbonate.And blades held tightly in individual module configurations.

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