Cable Usage

Shunyata power cables

Cables are a necissity in a hifi set, otherwise it becomes very quiet. When I started with HiFi, it was just a matter of using the cables that came with equipment (the 'dropveters' as we call them in The Netherlands). I think it was around the period that I started playing with a seperate D/A converter that I started to experience differences in cables. With the D/A converter I had gotten an optical digital interlink. I then lived in Rotterdam and Snijders HiFi on the Hoogstraat was typically a store where I would marvel about the stuff they had on display, where I could only dream off. At some point they had a sale. and one thing that was in the display was a Furukawa Optical interlink. I had a talk with one of the employees of Snijders, and really wondered: "An optical interlink, is there really going to be any difference there?". And he was like: "Just give it a try, if you don't like it just bring it back". I still can't explain why, but it did make a difference! It didn't mean I suddenly was going to replace all my cables, but it made me aware it has impact. Later on, when I had a new DAC and I was also requiring a coax digital cable, that same guy at Snijders recommended a Siltech digital interlink to me. Again, a great cable that I had for long time.

Based on those first experiences, I replaced at some point in time my analog interlinks with cables from BetterCables. Nothing fancy, but at least some decent quality interlinks. Over time, also based on being able to afford something better, things have changed a bit. Although, I think any cable is still only completing a component. The idea that cables can completely change the way how a component sounds, I'm not a fan off. Also, I don't do a lot of experimenting with cables. If something works, then fine with me.

Currently, the following cables are being used:

  • Burmester Silver XLR (MSB Analog DAC -> Burmester 911)
Burmester Silver Interlink
  • Audioquest Forest Ethernet (Routers + NAS)
  • Audioquest Carbon Ethernet (MSB The Analog DAC)
  • Computer Audio Design USB II (Melco -> MSB The Analog DAC)
  • Audioquest Coffee HDMI (UPC Dig TV -> Samsung TV)

The following speaker cable is being used:

MIT Oracle speaker cable
  • MIT Oracle v2.1

The following powercables are used:

  • Vibex Reference
  • Shunyata Black Mamba (Vibex)
  • Shunyata King Cobra (MSB DAC)
  • Shunyata Mojave (Burmester 911)
  • Shunyata Sidewinder Gold (Melco N1ZH/2)