• My set in 2001

    Setup in 2001

    Tag McLaren pre-amp and power amp, Pioneer LD player with OLS speakers and Pioneer projection tv

  • My set in 2002

    Setup in 2002

    Projection televion replaced by a Toshiba

  • Back of the room in 2002

    Back of the room in 2002

    Two Vifa Basis speakers for surround

  • My set in 2003

    Setup in 2003

    The first Burmester power amp for the front speakers

  • My set in February, 2004

    Setup in February, 2004

    Speakers replaced with Avalon Eclipse speakers

  • Back of the room in February, 2004

    Back of the room in February, 2004

    Identical Avalon Eclipse speakers for surround

  • My set in April, 2004

    Setup in April, 2004

    The Tag Mclaren amp replaced by a Burmester amp for the surrounds

  • My set in June, 2005

    Setup in June, 2005

    Added a SACD speler to the set

  • My set in May, 2006

    Setup in May, 2006

    First setup in the new house, with plans to project

  • My set in June, 2007

    Setup in June, 2007

    No projection, so added a LCD television

  • My set in July, 2007

    Setup in July, 2007

    The Velodyne subwoofer was added

  • My set in March, 2008

    Setup in March, 2008

    DVD player replaced by a HD-DVD player

  • My set in July, 2008

    Setup in July, 2008

    Digital television added

  • My set in September, 2008

    Setup in September, 2008

    CD transport replaced by a Micromega

  • My set in June, 2009

    Setup in June, 2009

    TV lift installed

  • My set in March, 2010

    Setup in March, 2010

    Blu-ray player added

  • My set in December, 2010

    Setup in December, 2010

    Bigger LCD television

  • My set in June, 2011

    Setup in June, 2011

    Tag McLaren pre replaced with Linn Kisto

  • My set in July, 2011

    Setup in July, 2011

    Linn Kisto replaced with the Audio Research

  • Back of the room in July, 20014

    Back of the room in July, 2014

  • My set in September, 2014

    Setup in September, 2014

    Added a Linn Akurate streamer to the set

  • My set in October, 2014

    Setup in October, 2014

    New 4K Television

  • My set in July, 2015

    Setup in July, 2015

    Oppo 95 Blu-ray player and Linn Klimax DS

  • My set in March, 2016

    Setup in March, 2016

    Rack extension and the PS Audio powercenter added

  • My set in August, 2017

    Setup in August, 2017

    Replaced the Oppo 95 with the 205 UHD version

  • My set in March, 2018

    Setup in March, 2018

    Added the Melco to the setup

  • My set in March, 2021

    Setup in March, 2021

    New speakers, Avalon Opus Ceramique

  • Back of the room in June, 2021

    Back of the room in June, 2021

    And also new Avalon speakers for surround, the Mixing Monitors

  • My set in July, 2021

    Setup in July, 2021

    The chunky tv decoder from Ziggo has been replaced with the Xs4All one

  • My set in October, 2021

    Setup in October, 2021

    The Linn Klimax DS is replaced with the MSB Analog DAC

  • My set in August, 2022

    Setup in August, 2022

    New LG Oled television and the Isotek Titan is added

  • My set in November, 2022

    Setup in November, 2022

    MIT Oracle speaker cables for the fronts

This is the main setup in the living room. It is a surround setup, 4.1, with 2 Avalon Opus Ceramique speakers at the front and 2 Avalon Mixing Monitor speakers as surround, Audio Research MP1 multi-channel pre-amp, two Burmester 911 MK3 power amplifiers. An Oppo UDP-205, a Melco N1ZH/2 and a MSB The Analog DAC are the sources. The Oppo has been heavily modified by CineMike.

Clean power is supplied by the PS Audio Power Plant 3.

The following diagrams give a feeling for how things are connected in various situations.

Connections when playing music

Connections when playing multi-channel

Connections when watching a movie